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Enemy of the State (historical drama)
Athens. 399 BC. The newly restored democracy is on shaky ground, the city is under threat from without and within. Talk of betrayal, revolution, and invasion pervade. Anytus, the democracy’s leader struggles to mold a government that is fair, but when old man Socrates refuses to help, Anytus is forced to put him on trial.
World Series Contest – Silver Best Stage Play, Austin Film Festival – Selected, Vancouver Film Dance – Selected

The Briefing (short play)
On the tenth anniversary of 9-11 a U.S. Lieutenant reports to a General on progress against terrorism since the attacks, but what she tells him isn’t what he expected to hear.
Haberdasher Flumes Literary Journal – Published, William Inge Theater Festival – Winner, Austin Film Festival – Selected

The Inquisitor (monologue)
At the height of the Spanish Inquisition, a man is captured for causing a public disturbance. He is imprisoned and interrogated by the Cardinal investigator for a crime the man committed hundreds of years before. By the end of the inquest we realize that the Inquisitor is right, the man is guilty of one of the greatest crimes in human history.

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